Atitlantis 2022

🍄 Join us in one of the most powerful vortex's in the world to dive deep into the mycelial network and CREATE MAGIC 🍄

March 3rd - 6th, 2022



Ever wanted to grow your own medicine? Had the feeling there was more to psychedelics than tripping at festivals? Desiring a stronger connection with yourself, with nature, with a community of like-minded people?

Us too.

That’s why we created Atitlantis, a 4-day long Mycology intensive where we share how to cultivate sacred mushrooms with the intention of utilizing them in ceremony, offer ways to dive deep into relationship with yourself and others, and how to harmonize these skills to build your own Mycommunity.

The world is at a critical point, with many attempts to create separation and dissonance. In these times we can learn a great deal from the mycelial network, to join together, support one another, to cocreate magic together. Our motto is Cultivate Self, Cultivate Community and Cultivate Connection, all through Cultivating Mushrooms. These are the steps we must take if we are to expand beyond ourselves as individuals and grow into a United family. The mushrooms will show us the way, if we will only take the time to listen.

By incorporating powerful tools such as meditation, breath work, cacao, yoga, sound healing and sacred ceremony, we can come into a state of Presence that allows us to hear the message, and find the confidence needed to take inspired action to thrive. During this course, we encourage and empower our participants to fully ground in and embody their roles as co-creators and leaders of their own mycelial network, bringing the sacred to everyday life. 

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Your Sacred vortex


Lake Atitlán was created approximately 85,000 years ago in the wake of a volcanic eruption.

The lake has a mythic history known to have been a place of spiritual pilgrimage where ancient mayans would ferry a boat out to a temple now covered by the flood waters created by the volcanic eruption. Like the magical city of Atlantis, Atitlan is place of wonder and mystery, capturing the imaginations of all who enter.


GAIA DANCE TEMPLE is a Sanctuary. A Safe, Magical, Unique environment, a Peaceful Place on Sacred Land which holds space for Spiritual Growth, Healing, and Transformation.

Located on the Sacred Lake Atitlan, nestled in Tzununa next door to FungiAcademy

The Gaia Dance Temple is a special place, inspiring others to live in a more sustainable way, in harmony with Mother Earth.

This will also serve as our ceremony space with access to a beautiful river and a vibrant community.

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Your Facilitators

Harmony Rose


Chris - Denver Mycology

Fungi Academy & Denver Mycology